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Jay.C Profile Photo
Jay Chan
Photographer | Singapore

Our lives are lavished with these emotionally charged, consequential moments that range anywhere from enjoying the innocence of our youth, the passion of our prime and to some of the most memorable encounters, such as a life-changing adventure to satisfy our lust for wander.


The truth is, our stories matter. As we continue to embark on this beautiful journey, our stories deserve to be chronicled in the finest way possible - Capturing these most passionate endeavours.

Your life is definitely worth living. Therefore, join me in keeping these moments alive.



With more than 18 years of experience under his belt, Singaporean photographer Jay started out as a school photographer covering events for editorials. With a keen sense of visual spaces and genuine interaction with his subjects, he began to specialise in portraiture back in 2008.


Rooted in a marketing and communications background, Jay is able to visualise beautiful concepts in all his work. He is currently based in Singapore covering commercial work primarily for portrait, event and product commissions.





"I believe a photo is timeless as the photographer capture that moment in time and freezes it to be kept and not forgotten. Looking back at the picture, that 'moment' is indeed worthy to be reminisced." - Jay.C

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