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Shall I Get Social?

I have always been apprehensive in the social media circle as I have always considered my specialty seemed to be somewhat of a stigma to most audience in my country. Due to our traditions or even the Asian culture, glamour and boudoir are two genres which not many Asian photographers like to showcase or even specialise in. (with the exception of Japan) There isn't a big market for these in the commercial world and my staple commissions had always been in the event and product realm.

Companies come to my website usually for reference to the work I've done for event and product while individuals come to the portrait section for personal/private portfolio sessions. Now, what has all these stigmas and genres got to do with getting social? My Facebook(FB) page of about 1.8k followers grew organically over the years and I appreciate the growth, it's not a huge following but I have not done much to grow it. With the insurgence of Instagram(IG) and it been bought over by Facebook, I thought this would be a good time for me to grow my Instagram account as well. I am still at a crossroad of posting consistently for IG to the to the point of weekly, bi-weekly or even daily. Since the new year had just started, I will be more active in my IG account and post more of my 'specialty' shots from now on.

The goal is to be social and perhaps even set a certain degree of influence to my audience in sharing what I like rather than sharing what is commercially acceptable. The litmus test is of course to monitor the growth of my IG from now on.

Have you followed me yet? IG/FB: @jaycstudios

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